Facebook offer the advantage of Community Actions for users in the United States

Over company Facebook testing recent feature of Community Actions that are offered today to users in the United States, which is aimed at managing the discussions about the local community and the needs of changes in the vicinity of the users.


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The advantage of Community Actions are the latest features provided by Facebook users in the United States, which was instead already in several regions before being pushed to users today officially.

Come feature Community Actions to support the development of the local community and access to the views and suggestions to the competent authorities and officials, where the starting user management the discussions about the actions that the needs of the local community for its implementation, and allows the water to add comments, photos or new details about a specific address.

Also scheduled to support the feature of Community Action sending alerts government department or person to be notified of discussions based around one of the problems of the local community, for example.

At the present time is still the advantage of Community Action is limited to users of Facebook in the United States, where the company Facebook in the meantime the development that will be released to the new water, the proliferation of which will among the users.


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