Facebook meet my hosts phishing sites targeting social network and its applications

فيس بوك تقاضي مستضيفي مواقع التصيد التي تستهدف الشبكة الاجتماعية وتطبيقاتها

Lifted Facebook in the last period of the pace of the fight for Community Design and respect that used to House social older to do the operations, where the company wants to now sue the hosts of these sites.

Where will help the company to copyright in this case to confront these websites that are domains such as “HackingFacebook.net” and”iiinstagram.com” that it accuses Facebook tools hacking against us.

She said the owner of the application and communication of the report of the proceedings yesterday in the District Court of Northern California of America, accusing all of my company’s web hosting OnlineNIC ID Shield violations of its brand and respect and control on the scope of the digital space.

Where the hosting company of the two domains as HackingFacebook.net which in turn provides the tools to hack the accounts of Facebook users, according to the text of the lawsuit.

The giant social in her suit she had already sent many requests and development of the accused stating that they encroach on the rights and violated its trademark registered by providing support to these sites.

In stated the official spokesperson for the company as they will not tolerate persons and which vary the scope of the Browse form wear step two and tell them its allegation of being Police Hospital.

Part of them didn’t know both companies accused the two on this subject, under the delivery of Facebook to the court a list of approximately 20 sites using her name and photos and costs of the two companies.

Called the social network financial compensation a minimum of $ 2 million as a result of the damage caused by those sites do not, at the rate of 100 thousand dollars for each location has been hosted by the two companies.

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