Facebook may integrate a news feed with the story in a circular loop hybrid


It seems that Facebook testing a new way to view content in news feed stories on your social network. May destroy the content of the exporters of ring single ( Carousel ) hybrid changeable rapid. Thus, this means that it will be compensated scrolling ( Scrolling ) and capacitive ( Swiping ).

I’ve been finding out this by professional school specialized in reverse engineering Jane Manchun Wong which often discover new features that the company is working. And I found out this important policy that Facebook try this new format and watched a GIF image in the calculation of its official on the Twitter you know, unlike the news in a circular loop don’t differ from those in the story.

So if the implementation of this change, it would turn users to drag or click from left to right to view content rather than scrolling from top to bottom as they do now. This will give them also the opportunity to watch the succession of news stories, combined.

You Facebook, like many technology companies, other test new things regularly, this does not mean that it was decided to launch this change to the users in the current time. Data may not be obtained by the Facebook of this Test enough to convince the company to move forward and release these changes for all users. The police didn’t know on this test so far, it’s unclear at the moment whether it will launch this change for users when this may happen.

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