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Announced Facebook, within the events of its annual conference for developers Facebook F8 in San Jose, is announcing the launch of the re-design and development of main mobile and the web, so as to focus the process of re-design on the most important two features: events, groups, and, as it happened for the first time in years logo.

The company explained that the mobile app for Android devices and iOS iOS will be released to users from all over the world instantly, while up the web version redesigned in the coming months.

Mark Zuckerberg said Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of the company: “this is the biggest change in the application and Facebook we have done in the past five years”.

According to mark, the process of re-design include hundreds of details, and not just some major changes, which makes the vas deferens is much to find relevant groups, with the improvement proposals and design, and discover tools.

Features update lines broad, clear and white space is wide, and allows users to groups directly from the home page as if it activates on his personal page.

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At the same time, distinguish groups prominently in the left sidebar in the web version, with the addition of tools, new types of specialized collections, such as support groups, health, in addition to having new ways to move rapidly to the Games, events, and other activities.

The feature “meet new friends” Meet New Friends people to communicate with non-friends within the communities to which they belong who have common interests, such as working for the same employer or go to the same school.

And Facebook: it’s a destroy feature to Meet New Friends within their new collections to help people meet people they may have shared interests via the internet, which means the possibility of facing them in the real world.

Became users within a market is Facebook Marketplace, make payments and handle the shipping directly through the region, coupled with the availability of new templates in the collections of Job Search enables employers from posting job ads.

Zuckerberg said: “You’ll be able to see the groups you care about”, adding that this makes the communities in the heart of the experience, and you can see your friends and communicate with them everywhere.

There are tens of millions of active communities on Facebook, and over 400 million people on Facebook to a group they find meaningful, which is what prompted the company to launch a process re-design to simplify the website and put groups at the center.

The company sells great efforts to ensure the emergence of communities in every part of the app, so will start the promotion of communities in different places, such as the Marketplace, and Watch.

As for the events, the Facebook focus heavily on helping you find things to do in your area, allowing the new tab of the events view the map richer to see the places that interest you near each other.

The design found on the new events, and organize your calendar, and rapid response events hosted by your friends, public events, such as concerts, that you may be interested in.

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