Facebook learn to turn off her digital M with solutions January 19,

فيسبوك إم M

فيسبوك إم M

Participated facebook the news that it would stop her the digital “m” M completely with solutions of 19 January, to confirm the news to The Verge.

The company said it’s over two and a half years of development I learned a lot of lessons that you intend to move them to use them in other projects mean artificial intelligence inside Facebook, except that “M” will change the Facebook Messenger without turning back.

And tested company to help its digital with a limited set of users, a assistant I think the combination of the artificial and the team work of staff to answer user questions, the algorithms try to understand the user’s question and set of answers for the employee who approves them or reject them to ensure the best possible experience.

And waiting digital assistant significantly, however, Facebook since 2015 works on tested and developed and provide various features.

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