Facebook learn to rely entirely on renewable energy by the end of the year 2020

Facebook company

Joined Facebook to the list of companies that have pledged publicly to rely entirely on renewable energy in all its operations. Has committed the company in a publication on the official blog that they will reduce emissions of the gases causing global warming by 75 percent and to increase reliance on renewable energy to reach 100 percent by the end of 2020.

Noted Facebook also to it’s on track to be one of the largest companies that purchase renewable energy. Have purchased the first wind-power in the year 2013, and since then getting 3 gigawatts of solar and wind energy. The Facebook that all the solar projects and this New will be used in all its facilities, including their own data centers. This leads to the creation of more job opportunities through the establishment of these projects in addition to the environmental benefits.

It is worth mentioning that the Facebook Inc. had announced that in 2015 it intended to rely by 50 percent renewable energy at its facilities by 2018, and ultimately the network to achieve this goal a year ago where it became considered by 51 percent to clean and renewable energy in the past year.

I pledged Facebook already support for environmental work through support of the Paris Convention about the product by directly We Are Still In. And its commitment to using 100 percent renewable energy is part of this support.


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