Facebook launches the feature of the “Community Actions” to evaluate petitions for official institutions, and politicians

Launched the Facebook today new property in the United States of America to strengthen the bonds of interdependence between product users and the reality in which they live on behalf of the Community Actions, where they can through the its change request and evaluation of petitions concerning the events of the acts of certain social institutions of government and the official responsible for processing and forming a means of pressure groups against the bodies to demand change.

And can the user make use of the property by adding a title or description or a particular image after opening the window Community Actions, and then process the signal of the competent authorities which would like to be alerted to this event both from a government institution or a number of officials, MPs and members of the local bodies, while providing the property an opportunity to discuss the final choices for which they would like to change or bring about reforms and make their comments; they also support and organize events and launch fundraising campaigns.

The user can know the number of house buyers in any case have been posted by this property as he can battle his friends engaged only between participants and others as well as for legal persons and well-known, can’t say for sure that using this feature may be limited on the positive side for motivated fix might take a giving us a negative by some users and exploit badly despite the adoption of Facebook, a number of actions to do so.

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