Facebook launches service to Watch your video to all its users around the world

فيسبوك تطلق خدمة فيسبوك Watch الخاصة بالفيديو لجميع مستخدميها حول العالم

Perhaps you wondered about the little box which contains the signal plate in a Facebook update new, This is a symbol of service Facebook Watch providing video and visual presentations to the users on this social network, the Facebook to provide this service in the United States last year, which received a great turnout since the start of 2018 to desire to watch the videos by 14 twice, so that 50 million people a month enjoy watching Via this service in the United States, though the video is short by about one minute.

Announced that Facebook launched this service to all users around the world on her own blog, to provide them with many advantages that will enable them to watch the videos in place, without the need to navigate between pages or follow the home page for this purpose, where appear service multiple types of videos, sports, entertainment news, content and visual variety, as well as View other videos that have been posted by the pages that follow the user, providing also follow-up to the video makers. enjoy the product of their work periodically.

He also noted that the service did not stop at this limit, the service Facebook Watch will provide real-time interaction between users through the features that will be adapted not like the Watch Parry, which allow patrons groups via Facebook of enjoy watching the videos together at the same time, whether registered or directly interact and keep their opinions about her at the same moment.

Are also considered this service a new platform to bring in money, could for the video industry or companies from the exploitation of their videos displayed on Facebook, by providing advertising and benefit financially after you follow the terms of this aspect of Facebook.

Maybe we notice lately a lot of the time not a little moving between the videos on Facebook, the content is wide and Large, the organization of this phenomenal content through the service and made available to all users around the world don’t think new on Facebook and its hard work to remain in the forefront, but suggests targeting Facebook directly to YouTube and the other video services, lifting the competition to an unprecedented level.

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