Facebook launches quietly apply the demo carries the name of the Whale industry memes

Launched a Facebook app for making memes “Meme” allows the Whale to iOS users only, to be another demo application from the company.

فيس بوك تُطلق بهدوء تطبيق تجريبي يحمل اسم Whale لصناعة الميماتFacebook launches quietly apply the demo carries the name of the Whale industry memes

Issued by Facebook Inc. quietly applied to a new industry memes, or what is known as “memes” or “meme”, which represents the latest attempt by the social network to attract more users, the app is labeled Whale himself an easy way to overlay special effects on text and images, and then you can share the memes made on applications such as Instagram user.

According to the app page on the store app store, the version of the Whale last week, it’s currently available in the App Store to Canadian on iOS only, by the way, this app is developed by a team process Facebook New New Product Experimentation which was also behind the application of the other players are Bump and Aux.

In this context, said a spokesman for Facebook Inc. that “these applications are designed to help the company discover new features and services liked by people”, finally joins the application Whale new to the long list of pilot applications that have been launched or purchased by the company over the past years, including the Moments and Notify and Lifestage and Poke and Slingshot, and Tbh and Moves and Hello, given the company’s history with these apps, it is expected not to drink the sun.


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