Facebook launches its application Messenger Kids on Google Play

فيسبوك تطلق تطبيقها Messenger Kids على قوقل بلاي

فيسبوك تطلق تطبيقها Messenger Kids على قوقل بلاي

When it comes to the products and services of Facebook for children under the age of 13 years the company you are considering with great care, however, it is not difficult to lie to a child about my age to get to all the things on the internet, and that’s what made the company think about the development of the application is easily monitored by parents and specifically in the field of communication and messaging, and Product Details application Messenger Kids.

And actually launched a company to develop it this late last year, the initial launch on iOS only, and now you know the company and after about two months of its launch about the availability of the system other Android. In respect of the application, the child here does not need to own an account in Facebook, as I don’t need it for a phone number to activate it, everything is done through the account parents, this is a prerequisite for everything.

A parents first download the app on your child and then log in using their personal account in order to grant the necessary powers to create an account for the child in the app and not on Facebook, as will The name appears in the search results. After completing the application becomes ready to use, but the final decision in everything the hand of the parents.

On the other hand, also does not include application messenger for kids no ads or purchases, and offers them a wide range of tires, emoji and renewable sources of energy on a regular basis, in the case of the intention to add a friend the child can’t do this process manually, but needs his family to send a friend request to the people of the second child first, to show the list of children, then you can select the child and add it to the list of friends, and in this form can fully control the account. As for adults such as relatives, video is also by the child’s family.

فيسبوك تطلق تطبيقها Messenger Kids على قوقل بلاي

The application supports Messenger Kids visual conversations as well as text, the child can report about existing accounts or delete them, to get an immediate alert to parents about this matter, finally will be able baby share photos, there are some simple educational tools that have been developed in the app, most notably learning tool, actually enhanced by using a camera phone.

Download application Messenger Kids from here.

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