Facebook launches game streaming platform with Donati and gifts

The company Mark Zuckerberg has decided to compete with the platforms Twitch and YouTube, giving the streamers the opportunity to engage in favourite business without leaving the social network. To do this, Facebook has created a new gaming platform that allows you to stream games directly in news feed, reports TechCrunch.

The function of the stream not only adds the ability to broadcast the game on the page, but also has a number of other advantages. For example, viewers will be able to pay the players for the spectacle, there is a possibility to give gifts to visitors stream. For example, developers or streamers will be able to embed the window stream advertising message with a link, for which all will receive some in-game item.

Facebook will also add to your streaming service and other functions. For example, with the improved app Friend Finder Facebook will be to seek partners for the game and see the statistics of those players who want to join the session. Demonstration of the key characteristics of the characters players wishing to connect to the online session will allow you to decide in advance whether it makes sense to call them in the next “batch” or it is better to politely ask them to leave.

Developers wishing to access the Game SDK can make your application via this link.

Despite the fact that Facebook sits daily a huge number of users, not all of them play video games, so the question of whether innovation is a serious competitor to YouTube or Twitch, is still open.

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