Facebook knows a lot of user accounts insert to the risk of hack of new

The company Facebook recently made some updates to the interior, which led to the discovery of passwords a lot of the users application to insert, which appeared readable format presents certainly the accounts of users at risk of hack.

Change your Instagram password now

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May need users to insert now to change the account password on the application of the insert, where it already appeared the passwords readable format and updates an internal company Facebook, which led to the emergence of the passwords clearly.

Company noted on Facebook that this error led to uncover the passwords of tens of thousands of user accounts, the police also confirmed that they deliver to users is usually a technique to protect the passwords alopecia accounts by way of password encryption to be read by the user only.

By another company noted on Facebook that the police investigation confirmed the non-arrival of any of the employees of the company or of any third party of the passwords of the user accounts that already appeared coordinated legible, as confirmed in the publication of the last to use encryption scrypt to protect user accounts from hacking the hackers.

Recall that the company Facebook has raised the number of accounts that were affected in less than a month to tens of thousands, so can’t confirm fully of the sincerity of the company’s statements about the lack of penetration or detect existing passwords to hackers or employees of the company, so it may be the best procedure now is to change your password on the account insert to protect and secure your account.


I know of

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