Facebook keeps track of your personal information, even if you don’t have an account where

فيسبوك أخبار كاذبة

فيسبوك أخبار كاذبة

After an accident, a leak of information that occurred earlier which were popularized in the name of the scandal of the Cambridge unit, launched a campaign by users of Facebook, where it was created and allowed DeleteFacbook# in the Twitter website which tells to delete the personal accounts and business transactions of the Facebook website.

I started the campaign by the founder of Whatsapp, and participated in a lot of users, was among the participants in support of the campaign Elon musk the owner of my company Tesla and SpaceX, which claimed that he would delete company pages from Facebook, even though he didn’t do it.

But despite that enthusiasm by users, but that in fact Facebook can collect information from you even if you don’t have an account, during the interrogation mark score before the United States Congress have been asking the important question “does Facebook collect information from users who log out of Facebook?” After the beating he answered that he does this, this means that Facebook can collect information by users even if they didn’t open the product and users who don’t have accounts in the region alike.

According to the report, which was put up after a session of interrogation in the Code of Facebook, comes the information-gathering process, in those cases, the sites or the applications that use the services of Facebook, if you visit the site or application has a service Facebook such as the Like button of the page or one of the banners, will Facebook then send information about your visit to facebook, even if you do not use your account or don’t have an account already.

Or if you have friends that have accounts on Facebook it would probably have downloaded the contacts need to Facebook to use the service to find friends via contacts, which is featured in most of the other sites like Twitter.



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