Facebook is working on a voice assistant similar to call Alexa and

فيسبوك تعمل على مساعد صوتي شبيه بأليكسا وسيري

During the last two years appeared many conversations about the capacity of Facebook to develop voice assistant intelligent of its own, but those talks fell slightly after the launch of the company’s Device Portal which provides entertainment services of the help of voice and conversation, but with the help of Alexa from Amazon on the way to aid a home that protects the display screen.

Now according to network CNBC, the team developed techniques for augmented and virtual reality in Facebook works since 2018 to build the voice assistant is intelligent, has started the development team in the reporter of manufacturers of smart devices and aid the home in order to buy the future allow for the new assistant on their devices.

But as reported by Reuters, Facebook is currently developing a voice assistant to work on glasses Oculus reality, next to your Portal smart appliances that are going to work with virtual reality and enhanced; that the company is trying to develop a plugin to work on its organs as I explained to Reuters.

It doesn’t look weird on Facebook, they have shown great desire in the past to launch the intelligent assistant of its own, said the report of the assistant M The Messenger before he stopped last year, and that your Portal can understand simple voice commands directly, but it needs Alexa when you give orders more complicated.

The domain perhaps be the social network on its way to launch intelligent assistant, but this Assistant will definitely not up to the level of an Alexa will be with ease.

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