Facebook is working on a digital currency of its own though to prevent it for its ads on the platform!

Almost a year ago, the Prevention of the social networking site months globally, Facebook Facebook, all the ads digital currencies on the platform, while today’s report reveals that Facebook is working on a digital currency of its own!

Said the report, published by the site Bloomberg, that the company wish to issue digital currency order in U.S. dollars, be more consistent and stable than the spectrum of digital currencies currently available, and that the Facebook Digital will allow users to transfer funds via WhatsApp and WhatsApp which is owned by the company.

However, the report did not specify a date certain for the start version and the Facebook Digital, although did not rule out that it will need a lot of time, however, Facebook is still working on the strategy of issuing process by the Digital, which included a plan for the protection and stability of their financial value.

Recall that Facebook has taken the decision to ban the ads digital currencies, such as Bitcoin Bitcoin, on its platform, in January last, on the grounds relate often exercise the promotional advertisement is misleading or deceptive.

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