Facebook is not spying on users via the phone’s microphone

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Stated social platform Facebook is on the lips of Allen if Allen Lo, Vice President and General Counsel and head of the Department of intellectual property in the Facebook that the company has filed a patent to prevent infringement of other companies, and they won’t guarantee the tech described in the patent in any Forum, comes this statement after the appearance of a patent filed by the company social networking that will allow it to run microphones to spy on users silently.

Explains the patent, submitted in December 2016 and published on 14 June, is a technology developed by Facebook in order to activate the microphone of the user’s device quietly to listen to him while watching his ads, through acoustic signals that secret is not audible for the human ear within the ads TFI, which lead to the measurement device to the user’s smartphone to record ambient sounds during the appearance of the AD, then the sound is sent to facebook, so you can hear your reaction to the Declaration.

And companies usually submit patents systematically, even in the absence of the intention to have the company in the implementation of the patent and turn it into a commercial product, which was confirmed by Facebook via permit Allen Lu who said: “tend the patents to focus on the technology of the future which are often competitive and can be marketed by other companies”, featured this patent while trying to the Facebook platform enjoyment of the public pressure about what you do. service and prove it does not track its users.

And General Counsel and head of the Department of intellectual property in the Facebook that the development of this patent is to make sure that Facebook or its competitors of access to this specific type of data control ads the minute, despite the statements of the house clear over the past month in relation to the amount of data that they have about their users, and how you can use that data to guide more effective ads.

The technique involves the use of television signals of an audio to turn the phone’s microphone and the user’s reaction in secret on the content of the Declaration, send the registration to facebook, which provides Facebook signals hidden companies in order to put them within their advertisements television, and then analyze the recordings and inform the companies if the participants of the TV to interact with their ads.

The issue of recording ambient sounds during display advertisements as an invasion huge invasion of privacy, as an illustration of the application of the patent that Facebook is considering whether people see the ad or take it to do other things, or whether people talked already about the ad or ignored, as can the organization through this new system check the number of people who watch online content that was missed by using the tool ad-blocking.

Was Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the company had insisted during testimony before members of Congress regarding the scandal Cambridge analytica in April that the idea of using Facebook, The Secret microphones to listen to what people say and use those conversations in the display of targeted ads fall under “conspiracy theory”, it seems that the new patent will feed a new conspiracy theory and focus again on the technical roads that it owns technology companies to violate the privacy of the user.

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