Facebook is financing a huge field of solar energy in Texas in preparation for their full on clean energy

فيسبوك تمول حقل ضخم للطاقة الشمسية في تكساس تحضيراً لعملها الكامل على الطاقة النظيفة

The company Facebook is financing a huge field of solar cells, in the county of Andrews, Texas under the plan which is its reliance on clean energy is fully in the note by the end of next year, 2020, where I started a renewable energy company Longroad Energy already building the field of solar which will be called the project Prospero.

According to the plan of energy company will be opening the building on an area of 46 km2 the next year, where will the production capacity kettle 379 MW, equivalent to the feed consumption of 300,000 homes from the electricity, be IT field of the largest energy fields generated from the solar cells in the country.

In this is not the first time you invest in Facebook in clean energy production, as 75% of the assets of the company working on renewable energy, as many American companies operate using clean energy, while Google, Apple, the for a full transition to work on clean energy during the next period and investment in this area also.

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