Facebook is facing a criminal investigation on the deal by share user data with other companies


Reveals a new report from the New York Times about the details of the criminal investigation in the United States of America regarding the dealings of the former Facebook data with users and companies participating in the scheme.

Called the grand jury to the court records of ” two of the major manufacturers of smart phones and other devices ” which have reached agreements on data sharing with Facebook. This according to ” two people familiar with the requests ” is not detected state. According to sources, both companies partnered with Facebook, which granted them access to the personal information of its users. Wonder if it will detect these two companies which were starts in the future or not.

At the moment, it is still not clear what the focus of a criminal investigation, although Facebook refused to comment on the questions of the newspaper The Times related to the nature of the investigation, has made a statement that the investigation is ongoing already, which is a statement in which he stated the spokesman for Facebook said :

” We are cooperating with the investigators and we take these investigations very seriously…, and we have provided testimony in public, answered questions and pledged to continue to do so. “

Still Facebook is under continuing investigation in the wake of the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica surrounding the application of the Quiz during the year 2015, which allowed unauthorized access to user data which is then used to influence the upcoming U.S. presidential elections in 2016. After nearly a year of trying to regain the trust of its users, emerged this new report from the newspaper The Times.

After a short time of the appearance of the newspaper Cambridge Analytica, easy Facebook users check their privacy settings, while the pledge Mark Zuckerberg developed many other features that are of interest in the foundation of the protection of data and privacy of users. Was Apps Facebook and WhatsApp and Instagram outside of the scope of service in many places around the world today, we wonder whether this report has anything to do so.


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