Facebook introduces subscription fee In groups

فيسبوك تطرح خاصية الاشتراك بمقابل مالي في المجموعات

Facebook announced its change to a new offer to the owners of communities on its social network, where they will start providing subscription paid to make the owners of groups on the network are benefiting substance to support them to continue in their business.

This new update means that the founders of the communities will be able to add a subscription option in return for material within the communities so that they can get the support of the participants who get the benefit of content provided by the group, for example, if a school offers classes characteristic and wants to get for his work will be able to add the subscription for the group and make the member pay for a subscription.

Said Facebook that this step comes to support the owners of groups on the network, where they spend a lot of time to work on it and make something special, so the youth want the opportunity for them to get money to compensate them for their time and effort.


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