Facebook integrate Messenger and WhatsApp and Instagram


Work film you are currently on the integration of chat services the three, and here it comes all of the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and Instagram. Will be the integration of these applications, they will continue to work as an independent, but Facebook want to be able to users to send messages to each other on different platforms.

In order to do so, has ” thousands of employees of Facebook ” to the restructuring, according to a report by the New York Times today. Will need these employees to change the way work of this app from the foundation.

The goal of Mark Zuckerberg is to use the displacement of the adjacent ( End-to-End ) in all three apps as soon as the completion of the merger in late 2019 or early next year. Currently, the application supports WhatsApp encryption is adjacent in all conversations, while users can in the application Facebook Messenger choice conversations are encrypted.

In an official statement, telling Facebook that they want to ” build the best experience for the exchange of messages, and that people want to be messaging fast, simple, reliable and especially “. She added : ” the company is working on making more chat applications own encrypted and consider ways to facilitate access to friends and family across the networks. As you can expect, there was a lot of discussion and debate as soon as they started the long process of preparing all the details that lists how to do it “.


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