Facebook hires a hard blockchain developers. “Facebook Coin” will still be?

Facebook has long been accused of aggressive hiring of experts in cryptocurrencies and creating their own blockchain. All this comes amid rumorsthat the largest social network is also considering launching a native cryptocurrency that would allow 2 billion users worldwide to make payments without banks. It is likely that in the next year, Facebook will start massively buying small cryptomeria.

The company formed a blockchain Department in April 2018 under the leadership of former PayPal President and Vice-President of Messenger David Marcus. He is a longtime supporter of cryptocurrency and a former member of the Board of the largest U.S. crypto currency exchange Coinbase. At the moment, the blockchain team Facebook has 40 employees, half a dozen of which were previously held senior positions at PayPal. According to Cheddar, Marcus just lured them away.

Facebook is preparing a payment application on the blockchain?

Source: CCN

Remarkably, in the mysterious division includes people who worked on Google Pay and Samsung Pay, a digital wallet from Samsung, the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors and smartphones. According to Alex Heath of Cheddar, the project information is not particularly disclosed. But it will definitely be some sort of cryptocurrency payment product on the blockchain.

Writes CCN, currently the company opened more jobs for captaingeneral, product managers, scientists and lawyers in the field of blockchain. According to Heath, not yet of Facebook’s own product, as one by one they absorb cryptosmart at the stage of Wallpaper.

They are on the hunt for talented people in the industry due to the lack of qualified specialists, because the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies is still in its infancy.

The social network-monopoly a lot of problems with recruitment due to the recent numerous scandals related to data privacy. This has undermined public confidence in the corporate giant. More data look at cryptodata.

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