Facebook had special deals give companies access to data users in the year 2015


According to facebook, it said she was cut on the developers access to users ‘ data and their friends in the year 2015 after the police found out that the Cambridge Analytica may have misunderstood the use of the access to the data users. But according to a new report released recently from the Wall Street Journal of America, it seems that Facebook continues to allow some companies to continue access to the data users and their friends.

The report claims that Facebook has entered into deals to ” private ” with just a few of the companies that allowed these companies to keep access to user data after the year 2015. It is assumed that these companies were part of the ” white list ” to buy Facebook note that this list includes companies that allow Facebook to see user data such as phone numbers and even how strong the friendship enjoyed by friends.

It is also said that these pages are separate from those signed by Facebook with specialized companies in the hardware industry, which has been disclosed in the past week. The report also revealed some of the companies that were part of this white list, which were mostly large companies, whether they are advertisers or partners on Facebook, such as Nissan and RBC Capital Markets.

According to facebook, they told The Wall Street Journal the U.S. that have been granted those companies access to that data to improve user experiences, and test new features, and terminate tests ongoing for those businesses. She also stressed that this page exceeded the expiration date for weeks and months.



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