Facebook, Google, and Microsoft trying to trick you to talk about your data

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Companies are trying to technical favorite users, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and trick them in order to get rid of their data, according to a new study issued by the consumer Council, the Norwegian NCC concerning the tactics the malware used by these companies to collect user data, the study comes in the wake of the promulgation of the laws of the European Union relating to the protection of consumer data GDPR , which entered into force recently, where the aim of those laws to protect the users of the operations data collection practices of Facebook that involve the participation of the personal data of users.

The report “contains the results default settings intrusive on Privacy, the wording is misleading, giving users the illusion of control, and hide the options appropriate for privacy, while providing options for approval on everything or abandon it all together, the structure of the tests require the user extra effort in order to choose the appropriate option for privacy”, as the report includes pictures and examples of design options confusing and weird wording that include the collection and use of personal data.

It provides one of the examples that have been cited option Facebook relating to the laws of the GDPR, which make the option “agree and proceed” more attractive and less terrifying compared to the option “manage Settings Data” – gray color, according to the report, the proposed option of company is the easiest to use, as it consists of four clicks to enter the process, which entails the acceptance of personalized ads from third parties and the use of facial recognition technology.

While users who wanted to limit the collection and use of data to go through the process of need to 13 recognize, where to try to use a 41 color blue in order to measure any of them more attractive is odd, as to make things more difficult for users to maintain their data is something else.

And Google to make the process of opt-in advertising custom harder than it should be, through the use of multiple pages of text and the design language is clear, with defaults hidden from the users to push them towards the action you want the company, the report explained that if the user tries to turn off the setup, there is a pop-up window appear to illustrate what happens if you turn off the option of customizing the ads, and users re-confirm their choice.

According to the study it wasn’t there any explanation about the possible benefits to turn off the option to customize the ads or the negative aspects to leave it running, and those who want to avoid ads, the Ad Hoc full pass multiple lists, which makes approval option seems less evil.

The report found that options for data collection with Microsoft System operating Windows 10 was the most respected to some extent in relation to the operations of collecting user data, however, it is quite clear what is the option that you want Microsoft users to test it, for example if the user wants to unsubscribe in the experiences of the Ad Hoc Treaty on the diagnostic data, you need to click the option with the dim lighting, while the icon of your choice that you want, Microsoft had a bright illumination.

The report says: “given the option to allow apps using the advertising identifier ID, the choice was consent accompanied by an arrow reaches its target, while the option of refusal is different from that, in addition to the availability of the option to subscribe permanently at the top, which leads the user intuitively to click on the approval, with reference to the number of clicks required to unsubscribe is equal to the number of clicks required to participate.

Said Facebook recently disabled the Account page to be more amenable to the jaw, followed by Google with a re-designed Account page of Google on Android devices, it seems that companies do not intend to stop collecting the largest possible data to users, where they were accused facebook and Google of violating the privacy laws of the European Union since the first day of validity of the laws, by not giving users the option to stop sharing data without requiring them to delete their account.

Reduced the companies of the tactics described in the report, while the company Microsoft and Facebook that they comply to the laws of the European Union relating to privacy, a Microsoft spokesman said “We have seen the report from Norway we would like to emphasize that we are committed to compliance with the Law of the GDPR through our cloud services, and to provide assurances related to this law in our contractual obligations”.

He stated one of the speakers on behalf of Google: “we have developed controls in the data over several years to ensure the ability of users to understand and use a range of tools available to them easily, and help us the comments received from the research community and users show preferences to the privacy of users, we conducted for example in the last month more improvements on the AD settings and Google Account”.

Responded a spokesman for Facebook said: “we prepared over the past eighteen months to ensure they meet the requirements of the Law of the GDPR, make our cars more visible, we also facilitate the possibility to find the privacy settings, while providing better tools for people to access information and modify and delete them, and asked us, during the period that preceded the entry of the Law of the GDPR comes into force, of persons review privacy information main that has been written in plain language, and is accompanied by our approach with the law, and the recommendations of privacy experts design, so that it is designed to help people understand how technology work and their choices”.

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