Facebook fix the problem of non-response Facebook Messenger on some phones iPhone

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Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular chat applications in the market today, but recently it turns out that there is a minor bug that affects a lot of users. And there are reports that a new bug makes the app Facebook Messenger freezes on some phones the iPhone. Reports of users saying that the app is not responding after writing a few words. This is not ideal because if you can’t write inside the application to chat, what is the role of this app then? Fortunately, it seems that Facebook has found a solution to this problem.

Users who suffered from this flaw they mentioned that the application stops responding after writing a few words in chat bubble. The process of closing and reopening the app doesn’t fixes the problem with science is that the process of deleting and re-installing the app does not solve this problem also. All this happened while kept other applications work correctly on the device.

It wasn’t clear why this problem was to make the application Facebook Messenger is not responding. Facebook has said it is looking into the matter have confirmed the company now that it is developing a fix for this problem.

Said a spokesman for the company said : ” in the day of 17 January, we learned that very few of the people who use the application Facebook Messenger on iOS platform had some problems in the writing of letters, “ adding that Facebook has made in it and this error has been repaired now. However, he did not explain the root cause behind this entire episode.


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