Facebook feature development to reduce the addiction to social media

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Like social network the biggest in the world of Facebook to help users spend less time within the house, where she works on the development of a tracking tool time designed to let users know the time spent within Facebook, this comes after months of talk of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the company about how protection of society is more important than increasing the profits of the company, so that Facebook can convert this commitment into a physical product.

The discovery was made by developer Jin Manchu Wong Jane Manchun Wong, discovered code within the Facebook application allocated for Android operating system centered around a feature called “time within Facebook,” asserted product this across to say it works actively on the development of the water, she is always working on providing new ways to help make sure that you spend the user’s time within the Facebook well.

This feature shows the duration spent by the user within the Facebook application on his smart phone during the last seven days, along with display the average time spent by a user per day, as it allows the possibility of determining the daily reminder alerts the user when it reaches the limit that it imposes on itself, in addition to choose to change notification settings for Facebook.

These water users of the product in the attention to the long time spent within the social network, as it can be for self-observation this can be important due to the fact that all of the operating systems Android and iOS launch control panels of their own to determine the time of use, so reveal these paintings about which apps dominate the user’s attention, and can germinate or come out of the user of the app and when you reach the time limit

The Apple TV has offered this feature during the Conference for developers WWDC, and water, the use of Facebook as an example of an application that is being used a lot, also shares this feature with the advantage of time Usage Insights within the platform photo sharing Instagram, which confirmed Kevin’s sister Kevin Systrom, chief executive of the company it is coming to the app, saying: “We are building tools to help the community of Instagram to learn more about the time spent within the home.”

Added CEO of Instagram of facebook: “the understanding of how the influence of time spent by the user on the internet is very important, it is the responsibility of all companies to be honest in this regard, we want to be part of the solution, and I take this responsibility seriously.”

She said the Facebook platform previously make changes to the design algorithm of the succession of news feed to assess the presence of video clips and striking low-quality, and it has led to a decline in the use of Facebook in North America for the first time during the last quarter of 2017, with the loss of 700 thousand daily active users in the region, said Mark Zuckerberg this change reduced the time within Facebook at about 50 billion hours each day.

Was Zuckerberg insisting that the time spent by the user within the product is not bad, as explained by experts that the negative perception of the organization and watch the video increasingly hurt happily people, while the active participation and comment and chat can make users feel more connected and supported.

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