Facebook facing accusations of racial discrimination in the classifieds houses

Accused the Ministry of Housing and the American company Facebook of violating the Fair Housing Act when the distinguished treatment with targeted advertising in accordance with the standards of the Arab race and colour.

The Ministry of housing that Facebook prohibits users from seeing ads of houses according to several criteria like country of origin, religion, family status, gender, special needs.

It adds weight to Facebook discriminate between people based on their identity or where they live, and that the use of computer systems to provide housing options for people just like closing the door in somebody’s face for some reason racially discriminatory.

For its part, the crossed Facebook amazed by this resolution, explaining that it was working continuously with the ministry to identify problems and concerns and take the necessary actions to prevent the appearance of ads discriminate between users and it on all its services.

She had mentioned on Facebook that it will establish a new portal for ads related to jobs, employment opportunities and homes in order to determine the targeting options available to advertisers so that they are not ill-used as criteria to distinguish the appearance.

Can the Fair Housing ACT Discrimination in housing and accommodation in the ads and services in various real estate, whether by race, skin color, country of origin, religion, gender, special needs and family, any prohibited to publish ads suspected one of these items to sellers or home buyers.

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