Facebook don’t listen to phone calls step ads

You may have noticed in the last period Ads Network Facebook, the social services or affiliate for a specific product after talking about it in a phone call, and at first glance you might think that social network or app to listen to phone calls, but it is not.

This is Strange and annoying, to see ads for a product on the internet after talking about it in a phone call, almost everyone has stories like this. But in an informal study, discussed the times they CNET particular subjects on their phones and watch the Facebook application specifically to see the emergence of relevant ads, but did not show any ads that point to Facebook, listening to calls, failed security experts also found evidence that the social network is listening to the users instead ads more effectively.

The company denied the Facebook this several times, as Mark Zuckerberg said that the U.S. Congress is that the police don’t do that, but the fact that the social network Facebook collected about you data. step ads is installed, there are many other ways including your interests on the social network and on the internet generally through the buttons of admiration in the different websites of Facebook.

Source: cnet

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