Facebook different user interface the new application on the Android platform, rely too much on white color


Tend Facebook to use the blue color in the service of its own, this color appears prominently in its logo and its web site. This also applies to its application on mobile devices, but according to a recent report from the forum XDA Developers, it seems that Facebook are trying to create a clean interface for their application on mobile devices.

This supports the report that Facebook testing a new user interface completely to develop its official platform Android, which is the fact that it is said that it is not the blue color for white color. This creates the appearance of a shining to the investigation, although we can’t say whether very good or not. However, it is possible that this is just a test which means that Facebook may not issue this new design for users in the end.

At the same time, this also deals with the Facebook lately when launching the night mode application Facebook Messenger, so choose Facebook to go in the opposite direction with the application of Facebook official is a bit strange. However, it is unclear as is the number of users who watch new color scheme this because it seems that it is activated by the company’s server, which means that users do not need to do anything from their side to activate the new design.

Confirmed Google by to Night Mode plays a big role in helping reduce battery consumption on our phones, so if you are someone who spends a long time on Facebook, you may not submit a new color scheme this any advantages to the battery.


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