Facebook developed passwords for millions of accounts of Instagram where they will be in a text file

فيسبوك وضعت كلمات مرور لملايين حسابات إنستقرام في ملف نصي

Companies encrypts data important to its users continuously to avoid any harm to happen to them, but maybe that’s not with Facebook. The company said yesterday that it has raised 1.5 billion e-mail users on its network mother inadvertently came in today to report that millions of passwords and accounts of Instagram where they have been placed in a text file readable.

And the company this is a gross error not to access anyone of those words, or even cause harm to him, but the truth is that no employee had access to the words and get data from users and might benefit from the project in External Things, This is not to mention the possibility of the arrival of any hacker for with ease time and will not be a need to decrypt the data to know the passwords.

Was Facebook had posted last month that there are several thousands of users were exposed to leak passwords, but they returned and the news to talk about the millions of this time.

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