Facebook design a robot account emotionally

Think about the company of Facebook in the development of robots sensitive emotionally, able to perform tasks on behalf of users of the product, in addition to exploring the world, and the things and persons around her, and enable users to make friends on after.

The robot can display photos and videos, talk with people, allowing users to meet people and make new friends from after.

They also contain sensors to allow the detection of persons; in order to interact with them, and to their emotional state, and listen to what they say.

She explained the Facebook concept of social robots in the patent European decision dated May 16, 2019.

It is supposed to provide each machine with cameras and other sensors, allowing it to scan and interpret the faces, and body language, in order to assess the situation of the persons emotional.

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And location of microphones within the robots to the sounds emitted, while allowing no speakers to speak to the people.

Members can Facebook – in the case of merge robots with the social media platform – used as agents to explore the real world, and interact with people.

The robot can display images for people using screen placed at the top.

You may also use the screen to view pictures or videos of the account holder, similar to a large extent the use of virtual reality technology; and to remote machines, or to participate conspicuously in distant events.

Designs include to that the robots are able to perform various tasks, either independently, or through a remote-controlled via the cloud, and through the computer, or the user’s mobile phone.

It can help Global Positioning System GPS Android locate it, while helping his sensors to identify and capture images of objects or things or important people, the designers say: the mobile devices are designed to reduce costs and complexity.

According to the patent, the Facebook is planning to provide the robots with wheels to move, can deal with different terrain, and can be fitted with systems leadership allow their use in an unmanned aircraft; to underwater, or flying in the air, or installed within the spacecraft unmanned.

It is known that Facebook is developing robotic systems to operate the artificial intelligence in collaboration with the University of New York, but it seems that the police are still not sure about the follow-up development of these robots, and make the designs a reality, as she said: if the patent is not necessarily an indication of future plans.

As is the case with any company offering patented, there is no guarantee that the move Facebook from the planning and design stage to the stage of development.


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