Facebook deleted the 1.5 million fake account over the past months

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فيسبوك حذفت 1.5 مليار حساب مزيف خلال الأشهر الماضية

The company issued a Facebook its Semi-Annual Report on the application of the standards community, which explains in detail the progress on deleting fake accounts and hate speech and spam and other content which violates its policies, andsaid she deleted the 1.5 million fake account during the past six months (between the months of April and September), compared with 1.3 million fake account deleted six months ago, and was able to determine what rate of 99.6 percent of these fake accounts to proactively delete them before reported by users.

She said Facebook’s estimates indicate that fake accounts represent about 3 to 4 percent of the number of monthly active users in the second quarter and the third quarter of 2018, a measure that has largely remained unchanged for several quarters earlier, the Facebook has issued its first report on the application of the standards community in the month of May of this year.

Also removed Facebook 5.4 million viewers including content that incites hatred, compared with 4.1 million in the period between October and March, said Jay Rosen Guy Rosen, vice president of Product Management at Facebook: “in general, we know that we have a lot of work that needs to be done when it comes to preventing the misuse of Facebook”.

The organization explained that through this report, for the first time, the amount of content relating to bullying, harassment and sexual exploitation for children who come to him as a new category of harmful content, where the company said it has taken action on up to 2.1 million viewers violate its policy regarding harassment harassment, and in the six months between April and September of 2018, including removing the content or disable the account completely.

While violated 8.7 million viewers and societal norms of the social networking site in relation to the sexual exploitation of children, she was discovered 99 percent of the posts relating to the exploitation of children by reporting any person that, as the company has taken action on 65.6 million share content in breach of Public Morals, compared to 42 million between the months of October and March.

She said Facebook she removed also 23.3 million problems include violent images, compared with 4.6 million six months ago, said erase nearly 2.2 million related to the spam mail compared to more than 1.5 million views by six months, a doubling of hate speech in the site since its last report in May, although she said that she had made progress in identifying the words of hatred in a more proactive.

The report recommends that the region will continue in the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to assist in the discovery of bad content and remove it, the company had announced last week that it had removed more than 12 million views on terrorism and terrorist groups, as compared with the number of 3 million in the previous six months.

Issued Facebook this report one day after the publication of the New York Times report reveals in detail the Battle of Facebook interventions Russian in the 2016 elections, they teamed up with the Definers Public Affairs, a public relations firm headquartered out of Washington DC to fix the problems of public relations, so after you know it has come under increasing criticism from consumers and legislators learn in a manner that addressed issues such as data privacy and the news fake.

The gate Arab News Technical Facebook delete 1.5 million fake account over the past months

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