Facebook delete tweets that have been shared from Twitter on its platform, and then set

فيسبوك تحذف التغريدات التي تم مشاركتها من تويتر على منصتها ثم تعيدها

The decoupling between facebook and third-party applications, including Twitter stop watching the tweets, following the scandal of the sale of the company information of the users, allowing the scandal of the Cambridge analytica, within the context of changing privacy on and off use the applications the user interface API in order to contain the problem.

It was in the previous can buffs social media watch tweets from their own Twitter on Facebook, which in turn dictates the characteristics of writing a status on Facebook, the ability of friends to like and comment and participate, which is no longer currently available.

In a surprise move bought from many users on Twitter, deleted facebook and all publications that they shared from Twitter on their pages in Facebook, before you set it again, snagged it for Axios “we have to prepare the content of the old posts and now is exists in user profiles”.

He started off the property of the joint between the producers on the first of August current, and did not affect this process significantly for Facebook users, the number of participate if their Twitter is considered few in comparison with the opposite, to network file optional user.

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