Facebook delete 2632 of suspicious accounts belonging to Iran, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo

فيسبوك تحذف 2632 من الحسابات المشبوهة التابعة لإيران وروسيا ومقدونيا وكوسوفو

Stated Facebook today via her blog deleted a large number of accounts and pages and groups suspicious on Facebook and Instagram were airing false information and its control as it crossed, where you those accounts belonging to the categories unknown and the relationship of the state of Cairo of Russia, Macedonia, Kosovo, airing campaigns mislead and lead to followers about what the owners of those accounts or what behind what they publish.

Came the outcome of the deletion 513-page account belonging to Iran included 158 page 263 account 35 group on Facebook as well as 57 account on Instagram was saying smoothly, is reliable and broadcast news fraudulently targeting different regions of the world with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa in addition to India, Indonesia, Kashmir and Italy.

He said Facebook officials that the pages were giving themselves the locals and using phony accounts and impersonating the characters and the context of broadcast news affecting the sensitive situation in the region and conflicts, the police investigation of the relationship linking those accounts with Iran in spite of hiding their owners their hobby original.

Delete the company also 1907 account page and set nothing Bruce did by using phony accounts to broadcast news, non-irritating and undesirable as well as some political content in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict existing in the honor of the state and the Crimea and some political issues with the relationship.

In the rest of the deleted accounts in the amount of 212 divided for 172 personal account on the Facebook and 40 various range in a direct relationship with both Macedonia and Kosovo, where you choose this category in the presentation of content that is special to that country via phony accounts by the pages published News, Health and beauty and celebrities in addition to view the content few about political groups, religious displays in a distorted manner.

In shared all those pages to the number of follow-up to her major by product users in some cases reached more than a billion follow-up to Page at least one of those accounts or pages that have been deleted.

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