Facebook decided to postpone the launch of smart speaker, according to a new report


Think that the company Facebook is working on a smart speaker, which is scheduled to be released by the company in the coming months. It was expected to be released this machine in the summer of this year, but if the report released today is true, it seems that Facebook decided to ” postpone ” the version of Sound Blaster smart until October of this year.

Not long after the scandal abuse data for Facebook users by company Cambridge Analytica which trouble company Facebook in a lot of problems, it has been reported that the company decided to postpone the launch of the Sound Blaster smart until conditions are favorable for it is not right now.

According to a new report released today from Taiwan, while will begin mass production of the device in the month of June as originally planned, the Facebook reducing the size of applications increased by 20 percent and postpone the launch of the product to the month of October. It is reported that the volume of orders remained unchanged for the next year.

So that some previous reports have suggested that Facebook will indeed launch two smart speakers with touch-sensitive screens size 15 inch style device Amazon Echo Show. It is estimated that smart speakers these will be the features of social networking too, this should not be a surprise to anyone given that the development of these devices by the social network most popular in the world.

Did not confirm the Facebook or spend anything on their plans speakers smart own yet, so it is best to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection at the moment.



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