Facebook considered investing $ 300 million on the local news


Facebook has announced they will be Investments a great support to the local news over the next three years knowing that it had to allocate 300 million USD for this purpose. Such money will be spent on the initiatives and the different under one goal which is to support local news. It should be noted that this initiative does not differ from that announced by Google late last year.

I know the sector of the local news a lot of pressure during the last few years. Didn’t help the emergence of digital platforms such as Facebook a lot. On this subject, stated the deputy head of the Department of partnerships for Global News in Facebook Inc., Mr. Campbell Brown that he once checked out the company type of news that people want to see on the region and with partners in the sector, it turns out the company that people want more local news, and chamber news, local are looking for more support.

Will focus the investments to be undertaken by Facebook on two main areas. You will use these investments to support journalists and newsrooms to help in the process of news gathering as well as help them build a sustainable business model suitable for this age.

Specifically, would Facebook invest a billion dollars in the Report for America, an initiative to put 1,000 journalists in the room local news in all parts of the United States of America over the next five years. It also allocated more than $ 20 million of the programme of the Facebook Accelerator which will provide local publishers with the programs membership elects their own.


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