Facebook confirms its cooperation with the victims of the attacks of New Zealand, a terrorist and make the network environment safer

فيسبوك تؤكد تعاطفها مع ضحايا هجمات نيوزيلاندا الإرهابية وعملها لجعل بيئة الشبكة أكثر أمانًا

Challenge Chris sure, vice president and deputy general counsel at Facebook, in a press release about his company’s cooperation with the victims of the terrorist attacks that targeted Muslims in New Zealand and its full with their family members and their community. As the police talked about standing against the terrorists by deleting the basic video broadcast in a very short time as well as the Prohibition of any re-deployment of others.

He said sure: “our shock and sorrow of great loss due to this tragedy we in these circumstances our commitment to working with leaders in New Zealand and other governments and with teachers in the technology sector to help fight the hate speech and face the dangers of terrorism. We continue to work around the clock in order to prevent this content from appearing on our site using technology and people.”

He completed a vice president at Facebook, said: “I’ve dealt directly with New Zealand police in the face of recognition and support for its investigations. We removed the video which he published on My within minutes of police presence with us and provided us the resources to field law enforcement authorities and we pledge to continue to support him how we can. In light of the ongoing investigations, asked the police to refrain from posting some of the details.”

According to the statement, the video was seen less than 200 times during the live broadcast was not reported by any user at the time, where the first communication after 29 minutes on the broadcast and delete it after 12 minutes from the end of the live broadcast. As to the number of views the total of the original video before deleting it did not exceed 4,000 once, and it was one of the users on the website 8Chan has put a link to the broadcast to bring viewers.

The company says that it ranked the two buses certain, what means that any manager or support them, is contrary to the community standards which is unacceptable on the network. As the deletion of the accounts of the organization on Facebook enter and delete any account shared by the producers.

Was Facebook had been deleted during the first day approximately 1.5 million video of the incident between 1.2 million videos have been deleted before completing the Lift originally.

The seal under his statement by saying: “being regular coordination among member organizations in the internet forum of the global anti-terrorism has been in contact with us since the assault. We shared more than 800 different video related to the recognition through our database of Customs in addition to items resources uniform policies about the methods of application of policy. These include the importance of cooperation in the sector in order to face the terrorists and extremists who use the internet.”

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