Facebook choose to show objects shared between users to help them communicate

فيسبوك تختبر إظهار الأشياء المشتركة بين المستخدمين لمساعدتهم على التواصل

Facebook updated the advantages of the network permanently, some things don’t like the users, while some be useful to them. The new feature that you choose the company of one of them, where they choose the feature to show the common things between the users when the see the account of each other according to the website CNET news.

And the Company name is “common” to add a new work to show some similar pieces of information among users such as: frequenting the same school, or work in the same company, or even a place of residence and other information.

But according to the company, the information that will appear, will be the information which set by user for general information and not as special, in order to maintain the privacy of the user.

Aim Facebook of this update is to make the users on the availability of bigger, where as soon as the traffic to one of the accounts that carry similar information that will provide, it can be said that this add-on Come see the proposals of the friends public that appear to users based on their place of residence or interest.

Recall that the Addendum be tested in the United States currently, and most likely will be adopted in the first in the country, and then add them to the rest of the users around the world.

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