Facebook choose to publish a video pre-recorded like a Live

Facebook Premieres

Facebook Premieres

Since the duration of the users can Facebook posted videos pre-recorded in the live broadcast on Youtube by relying on external programs such as OBS and Wirecast, but now choose Facebook provide the same thing by it directly via a feature called Premiere which allow the deployment of video pre-recorded as live tv without the need for renewal at the time of broadcast.

Why would the user need such a thing? Well, there are some appropriate uses such as viewing video clips trailer for the movies or a concert, but it was recorded in advance and to get users comments live during the show not after the show and watch it.

As you can see, the user can know that this article is already registered and displays like a live broadcast of a Premiere instead of Live usual.

Currently, different Facebook this feature with a number of pages, users, content creators and it is clear they will focus on the field of artistic production in particular, and soon will selected to include a larger number of users.


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