Facebook choose to merge the news and stories in the interface of one of the applied

فيسبوك تختبر دمج الأخبار والقصص في واجهة واحدة من على تطبيقها

Facebook is currently testing the interface has been redesigned drastically from its application on smartphones, these included the fact incorporate a summary of news and feature stories in a single interface, so that the user can click on it like in Instagram where they and the story of Snapchat, to turn this reality show is currently a limited number of app users on Android.

At the present time, there are stories of Facebook news feeds combined as features in the app, so you can scroll down to see a summary of the news or click one of the cards covered the top of the app to start scrolling in the story, but in this new design, will continue the publication of the story summary of news, including publications, text, photos, videos, and posts propaganda as part of the same reality, so that will move users through the posts and rejecting them one after the other.

In another context, why have the stories of the Facebook popularity when we saw her for the first time in 2017, but the company expects that the feature story will exceed the summary of the news in this year, and in this context the company said that the stories of the Facebook user containing about 300 million daily active users.

Thus the future of the news summary into question, and these questions immediately signal the CEO “Mark Zuckerberg” that the company will move away from the public offices of the Permanent Mission and private messages encrypted, has taken on this declaration means that the summary of news will become old product.

Finally, in relation to this new interface, a spokesman for Facebook, “we currently don’t disagree this change in general”, therefore it is unclear currently whether this new interface will make the company available for issuance general or not.

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