Facebook choose encrypted audio and video calls in Messenger

Seeking for Facebook to encrypt all communication methods across its various applications, it seems that they started with Messenger where they choose to encrypt video calls and audio within the set of secret talks.

Currently when you open a confidential conversation with anyone, the only text messages be encrypted from the staff, but soon you’ll be able to contact health and with the protection of your privacy through encryption, which prevents external parties from spying on you.

By default don’t say Messenger Facebook, encrypts the communications, conversations, text it open the conversation confidential. Time is not also on WhatsApp, such as all forms of communication are text, visual and audio encrypted by default.

Even with encrypted audio and video calls via the talks of the messenger speed, most likely not used by means of privacy and protection to high because of Facebook and the elderly are not the perfect to put your data they have and abuse them.

Usually the recourse of fear for their privacy to applications that are not commonly for being providing them with consultation best protection, but it’s still an extra step from Facebook to prove they care about safely and its users, albeit too late.

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