Facebook choose a special section for news


At the moment, knows the news section ” News Feed ” on Facebook publications from all sources. This includes the publications of friends, groups, family members, and trauma. I tried to Facebook use algorithms to experiment and to make those publications relevant to your interests as much as possible, but given that this section contains all, it is possible to become chaotic.

However, in the declaration of Facebook, it seems that the company is looking to test a special section lets you get the news only. This means that when users want to see relevant publications on the news, they can move to this section for the blockbuster news, so it will not be a distraction or to miss the news as if it were displayed in the news feed of the main ” News Feed “.

According to Facebook, it I stated : ” tab News News gives people better control of the story they want to see, and the ability to explore a wider range of news that they care about directly within the Facebook application. What highlights the most important stories of the local current. Will continue to news articles appearing in the summary of the main news as they appear today. “

Indicate Facebook also noted that this section will contain only the news from media sources ” reliable “. Because Facebook will be strict guidelines about how the appearance of the publication in this section. This is done to provide any false information can be shared or appear in your feed key. Subject to this feature is currently the test is limited in the United States of America, so if you haven’t seen her yet, so don’t worry.


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