Facebook choose a new system to deal with the comments of the gas fit

Us write my impossible for to ridiculous comments or ignored it on Facebook, public pages or on profile your friends, you’ll be able to give your voice against these comments and therefore is being withheld from everyone to inform the management of the Facebook .

Facebook opt on a limited number of users to activate the button to downvote and is a button that allows to deal with the comments of the gas fit by the management of the Facebook Page, the right, or hide or even stop the owner of the comment.

Currently available to you as a user in Facebook is masking any comment what reporting, if desired, and you just have to, but the new system will hide a comment from everyone, and maybe grounded. the owner, if the communication about it via the New button .

Confirmed speaker Facebook to TechCrunch that this new Button represents a button or icon not admiring what was rumored that the social network first in the world will be using soon .

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