Facebook choose a new property to live

فيسبوك تختبر خاصية جديدة للتسوق عبر البث المباشر

Work social platform Facebook on the selection of the new property consists in the possibility of buying consumer for the purpose for which he wants at the time that the seller will promote him through the live broadcast, for example, if the store or seller to live for some goods and products have been liked by a particular piece, maybe you can capture the image of the company via the button available in the page and the sender of the seller directly through the messenger who in turn will send a voucher request for payment to you in an easy way.

The selection of the property currently in Thailand in which the sellers recently selling their wares via Direct broadcast services of Facebook, where included that power the opposition varied between cosmetics, bags and other fashion. The Facebook market Thai great attention being one of the most active markets and maintain its position where the essential requires of course to provide the characteristics and features of the new fit Rodin, whether consumers or trade this water may serve the interest of Facebook in this aspect.

In the still house through a house in Thailand follows the traditional style in trading and sales manual communicate with the buyers to send the payment information, and for a new property will save time and effort and more are problem even in the case of broadcast more than a product rapidly, as for share Facebook of sales has confirmed not to work on anything cut out of them across the property of direct delivery, but they did not mention if what you tell the property from the scope of Thailand to other countries or regions.

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