Facebook change of policy deployment and clamp down on the purveyors of the content of the Polygon

فيسبوك تغير سياسة النشر وتشدد الخناق على مروجي المحتوى المضلل

Facebook announced its change in its policy with regard to publishing news and content on the network, as it seeks to limit the dissemination of News fabricated and misleading to the users which keeps her company for a while, especially those pages and groups that are relevant to Russian politics or their counterparts in China.

According to the new policy, Facebook would have the right to close any group or page you publish content for those who don’t follow company policy, even if the owner of the page is not connected to them directly the dissemination of any experience similar to what they are doing will lead to the closure of his page in the final though.

As to Facebook, you will cross a page style alternative perspective on the network, so that in the case of closed page the owner will not be able to control the page with the alternative established in the event of something similar because the company will delete it is the other initiative, which will be on the page to be organised after the closure of the first page.

Perhaps the change the new is the most stringent publishers and purveyors of news and content manufactured, it will prevent the owners of those pages and accounts from the access to follow them back through what is called the deal of alternative, old roads, which stops the start of a new access for users.

And Facebook to turn off the content Chimera, the links that aim to increase the number of visits to some sites, the offending content to the rights publication, the news of the polygon, and others.

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