Facebook can to rival Google, Amazon help out the virtual

New report published by Reuters today into plans for Facebook to launch her virtual own during the coming period to rival digital assistant Your both Google, and Assistant Amazon Alexa along assistant Siri from Apple.


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Spokesman confirmed Facebook network Roy Goetz in the news, that the company is working on developing its own digital currently, which aims to support company versions of the system of virtual reality or augmented reality, along with the products and services of the other company.

Some of the leaks published through CNBC, that the company Facebook is working to contact the companies that supplied the sky smart at the moment, but even now did not include its plans for the next evening its digital, but some of the other trends pointed to the possibility of integrating the digital assistant in a video chat smart, or glasses Oculus, also is expected to provide Facebook her assistant digital in new products of the company come later.


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