Facebook: “campaign we inadvertently” e-mail contacts for 1.5 million users

The company said Facebook on Wednesday that she might be “pregnant unintentionally” contact e-mail for about 1.5 million new users since the month of May 2016, it seems it’s the latest problem of privacy faced by company social media.

In the month of March last, no longer Facebook match the Verify password by e-mail as an option for people who have registered for the first time, reported the company. Said Facebook that there have been instances where download e-mail contacts for people on Facebook haven’t created their account.

She said Facebook told Reuters: “We appreciate that it has been Download up to 1.5 million people from email contacts”. He added: “I didn’t share these contacts with anyone we say we delete it”, adding that it will notify users who have been importing their contacts. This reform has been a fundamental flaw, according to the company statement.

According to the website “Business Insider” Business Insider previously that the company social networking has harvested email contacts for the users without their knowledge or consent when you open their accounts. The report stated that when the password is entered the e-mail, a message appeared saying it’s “guided” contacts without asking for permission initial.

It is indicated that this problem will be added to many of the problems faced by Facebook a while ago in relation to privacy, including a bug exposed passwords of millions of users stored in a readable format within their internal systems to its employees.

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Last year, the police were severe criticism after the company disclosed the “Cambridge Analytica” Cambridge Analytica, a consulting firm policy of the British, about the personal data of millions of people on Facebook without their consent.

As the company has faced criticism from legislators around the world is not some trick for people to give personal data to Facebook, in addition to its network from the tyranny of hate speech and the possibility of data transfer on the product.

Separately, a request from Facebook more than once to ensure that the misuse of a social networking software of its own for political purposes or disseminating false information during elections.

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