Facebook calls photo HQ Trivia via the service by direct broadcast

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Announced Facebook today launched several updates to the video service direct Your the so-called “Facebook live” and Facebook Live, including game shows and opinion polls, subscriptions, and other means of attracting the attention of the audience, according to social network giant, the new features will make the creators and partners offers their own games and interactive quizzes via tool video broadcast Facebook Live, compete the application competition of the famous HQ Trivia that allows players to donate to focus on the cash prizes.

This step seems to try to take advantage of the success of the HQ Trivia, which regularly attracts a million players across all episodes, in addition to similar applications, where the features of Facebook Live, the new conversion service effectively to the basic system to create offers games, the company said in a blog posted by: “partner creates a set of questions with one correct answer, and the exclusion of people within the game when they answer wrong”.

And in the beginning these new tools for pages and selected users through the early access program, once the release these features officially later this year, will be able to any Facebook page of access, and includes such partners BuzzFeed and Fresno and Insider, instead of building appropriate to develop HQ trivia, Facebook is taking a platform is wider through the establishment of a platform for games that allows content creators to add tests, polls and challenges, which help the organization to achieve its new mission in promoting the consumption of interactive video instead of the views series.

And video will Fidji Simo, Vice President of product video on Facebook: “with the development of video away from consumption goods towards any bilateral communication more interactive we believe that content creators want to reward people, I believe that the new product is part of a wider trend to make content interactive,” but with the launch of these features, Facebook is following the same old policy, where the company has not been shy, never in relation to the reproduction of the features of the potential competitors, applications such as snapchat.

Creates a social network for the HQ Trivia they rely on external partners and users product for software testing, rather than established within the company, come new updates in time for the annual conference for online video VidCon, where you fight the Facebook platform hacked the game features a new after that the dominance of the makers of the content within youtube with regard to the videos interactive.

Explained Facebook it will not take a percentage of the money prizes in this test, as it has in the meantime reduced the monthly subscription which lets fans pay for exclusive content, which is asking today for a greater number of content creators, and content creators participate in the monetization options.

According to the announcements, Facebook is not trying to present the one show or one game but rather trying to get every maker of content on the creation of such a game is commensurate with the audience’s unique, where it is impossible to make one game fit all the users of the product numbering 2.2 million users.

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