Facebook begins to display dark mode Dark Mode

He started Facebook and my work to activate the night mode Dark Drak Mode users and surfers site on the web version. A feature that works on many service providers have not been in this situation a lot of advantages that appeal to users.

Participated for the networking sites

As is the case of the service Twitter, which has long since activated a dark mode on the web version as well as a course on mobile application on different operating platforms. The administration of Facebook to add this feature to the application Instagram for all users user of Facebook and is currently activated on the application WhatsApp.

She appears active in the add this feature to the Facebook app, but it’s considered choosing her work on the web version first, this mighty manifested by the appearance of option for some users when they’re logged in to their account on the Facebook web version. Where it appears no option for this new feature to improve the display interface to a dark color with the option to keep the default color of the site.

Dark mode Dark Mode will save you 30% of the phone battery

Of course, this “water feature Dark Mode” is not an advantage when the users are on their mobile phones unlike her rival on the PC, where changing the direct damage from the glow of the computer screen because of the distance between the user and unlike the mobile phone which is used to close the distance between him and the eyes of the users, in addition to the area Direct on your mobile phone lies in providing battery power to the phone.

In contrast, Google is working also on the feature of dark mode with a lot of applications the last application of Gmail, despite the fact that the water did not hit everyone yet, but it is surely coming and it’s only a matter of time, not more.

Or Facebook, we will have to wait a little bit down to the feature of dark mode, it is performed to avoid this situation where the option is displayed to activate this mode of the party server for the first time.


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