Facebook begins to circulate button not-liking-the more users

Earlier this year, confirmed Facebook it works on the Add New button within the comments holds the name of the downvote, much like a sign of lack of admiration in order to improve the speech quality on the product. Now, it seems that the water is circulated to users gradually.

And water to a large number of users offline and Facebook that they want people to use the New button to refer to what he calls facebook the β€œbad comments” and stresses that this is not the buttoned expressing hatred.

And continue to the majority of Facebook users in Australia and New Zealand, right-click the My upvote and downvote to vote on the comments, the company said that the New button will not have a role in determining the publications that appear within the pages of major publications, but will only give a picture of comments are appropriate, which are written by users on public posts, which users can expression more clearly their opinions about the comments.

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