Facebook begins the development of the technique of artificial intelligence criteria and the new face recognition technology on the face

Company is trying to Facebook upgrade protection standards in the application of the company, where he began to develop the technique of artificial intelligence to counter the use of the wrong to provide face recognition in video that are also based on artificial intelligence.

The availability of each of the companies Facebook, Google along with Amazon a lot of criticism as a result of systems of facial recognition that support services of such companies, where he developed the technique of face recognition system, artificial intelligence in social media from the start, which came with the main aim to support users in distinguishing pictures of family, friends, the only social media I have used this technique wrong too.

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I have started looking my company Facebook today in the development of new technology for the intelligent AI depend on the higher standards, which target the face of technology artificial intelligence to recognize the face in the main, particularly targeting mark and identify a specific object in the video content.

Also designed company Facebook to raise standards of protection to counter the application of pseudo-in facial recognition technology, which operates on the use of this technique is wrong, without caring about the privacy of users or the accuracy in this technique, which sometimes provide wrong information.

It is planned that the technology works the AI new of Facebook to apply some changes to the animated faces in the video content, which can be perceived by the human mind while the work face recognition software.

Recall that the company Facebook didn’t reveal at the moment about how to launch this new technology, or use it in applications, but is expected to exceed other companies to find alternatives also during the coming period.


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